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Veterans Preference

State agencies comply with Nebraska’s Veterans’ Preference laws. If you are a veteran, the spouse of a 100% disabled veteran, or the spouse of a service member currently on active duty or discharged within the past 180 days, you may be eligible for Veteran’s Preference in the employment process.

To verify eligibility, applicants must submit the Form DD214, preferably Member Form #4, along with proof of a service-connected disability and if claiming preference as a spouse, proof of marriage. All information must be submitted at the time of application. Once submitted, you do not have to provide the information again.

As a spouse of a veteran currently on active duty, preference may be claimed during the time of active duty and up to 180 days after their separation from service.

How does Veterans Preference Work?

According to Nebraska Statutes, veterans who obtain passing scores on all parts or phases of an examination shall have five percent added to their passing score if a claim for such preference is made on the application. An additional five percent shall be added to the passing score of any disabled veteran.

A Veterans’ Preference appeal process is available. After receiving notification that a job you applied for has been filled, you may initiate an appeal by submitting your request in writing to the Nebraska State Personnel Office, 1526 K St. Lincoln, NE 68508 or email

You are welcome to visit the Nebraska State Legislature’s page, to read the statutes in their entirety (SS 48-225 – 227).

Administrative Services | 1526 K Street, Lincoln, NE 68508 | 402-471-6500