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  • How to Apply?

  • Why create an account?

    • One application to apply for multiple positions
    • A record of all postings and applications is kept inside your profile
    • You will be able to see the application status when logged into your profile
    • Online applications only method of applying for State positions
  • Instructions for Applying

    Here are some important points to remember when applying for positions at the State of Nebraska:

    • The employment application is required and is the primary source of information used to determine if you meet the minimum requirements of the job.
    • Please make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications are rejected.
    • You have the opportunity to attach a resume, however it should not be used to replace any information asked for on the official application.
    • Please be complete. You will not be allowed to change your application after you have applied for a position and you cannot re-apply for the same position unless it is posted again.
    • When you have successfully applied for a job, you will receive an instant e-mail confirmation notice.


  • Helpful Hints for Our Application Process

    • The application is the critical point in the selection and hiring process and must be completed entirely.
    • When creating your application, keep in mind that the person reading it knows nothing about you and will not make any assumptions about what is stated.
    • Take the time to read the entire description of the job you want to apply for, especially the requirements.
    • Every application submitted is reviewed by the State Personnel Office to determine if it was completed entirely.  The next review is to determine if you meet the requirements as written on the job posting.
    • You will be notified by email if the application is incomplete, or if the minimum qualifications are not met.
    • Be sure to include your entire work history and each level of education attained.
    • Complete each field or section of the application, even if it is not a required field. Required fields are marked by an *.
    • Some positions include supplemental questions that are related to the job opening.  Provide honest and thorough answers.  What you say MUST be documented in the application itself.  Your application will be rejected if the information cannot be verified.
    • You may include your resume to supplement what is stated on your application.  Be aware that your qualification status is determined primarily on information stated on the application.
    • Allow yourself time to prepare your application and apply.  Avoid applying on the closing date.
    • Please allow between 3-5 weeks from the closing date for the hiring agency to determine who will be interviewed.  You will be notified by the agency if selected for an interview.
  • Job Status Definitions

    You may log into your account to learn the status of the job(s) applied for.  The following provides information as to each status.

    • Application Received – Your application was successfully received. This is the initial step in the State of Nebraska’s application process. The State Personnel Office has not yet reviewed your qualifications to determine if the minimum requirements have been met.
    • Eligible – Your application has been reviewed for the minimum requirements and you are eligible for referral to the hiring agency.
    • Position has been filled – Do not get discouraged. Continue to monitor the openings for positions that match your qualifications.
    • Review Completed by State Personnel – Your application has been reviewed and a determination made regarding the minimum requirements.
    • Under Hiring Agency Review – Your application has been referred to the agency responsible for making the hiring decision. If you are chosen for an interview you will be contacted by the agency either by telephone or email.
    • Scored – The answers you provided to job specific questions have been evaluated and scored. The “Scored” status indicates you met the minimum qualifications and the State Personnel Office has not finalized the screening or referred any candidates to the hiring agency.

    NOTE: Continue to monitor your status. If it has not changed two weeks after the job closed, your score did not place you in the top group of candidates.


If you are having issues with: logging in, your user name, or password resets, please contact NEOgov Customer Support:


The hours of Customer Support are 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.  You will be directed to a support specialist and have the option to wait for live support or leave a request for a call back.


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